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Pricing information applies to the Los Angeles area only.
Please call or email us for any additional pricing information outside the Los Angeles County area
Please call or email us for pricing for areas outside of Los Angeles County.

Standard Performance (3-hour base price)


1 - 3 Hours


$300 to $350
Solo with Vocals $400 to $500


$550 to $650


$800 to $1000


$1200 to $1400

Quintet or Larger

Please call or send email!

Wedding Ceremony pricing (single location)


& Ceremony
(up to 1.5 hrs)

Ceremony & Cocktails
(up to 2.5 hrs)


$300 $350


$575 $625


$850 $925


$1125 $1200

Why are wedding ceremonies more expensive than a "standard" performance? Because there is additional work involved i.e. administrative, coordination so that everything goes smoothly, musical prep, and it is a featured performance.
Just need us for cocktails?
"Standard performance pricing" (above) applies


These prices are the performance price only -
Any other fees (parking etc.) are additional

Pricing applies only to private, corporate local functions & does not apply to concerts, TV or recording sessions.

Set-up and tear-down of standard equipment is on our time. Actual performance time begins at the time that is stated on your contract.

Other considerations which may effect pricing are

  • Overtime

  • Additional equipment and / or sound-staff

  • Multiple performance locations (restaging of equipment)

  • Requested extra-early setup time (over 1 hour)

  • Staging equipment on beach / on sand / etc.

  • Difficult load-ins (steep ramps, stairs, etc.)

  • MC'ing and/or use of our sound equipment

  • Holiday performances (major holidays)

  • Special Locations (boats, parks, etc.)

  • Travel (air, lodging, xfers, time, exp., etc.)

  • Parking Fees (validation, fees, etc.)

Our contract will be sent immediately once you have confirmed your event.
Performances do vary widely -  we will try to accommodate your requests to make this a memorable event!
Please review the detailed information included in the contract and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!!!




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